Friday Five:

Happy Friday, all!  Hope you all will have some time to spend with loved ones this weekend, as this week has just been crazy!  I hope to take advantage of the warm(er) weather and no snow flurries this weekend by going for a few runs outside.  I’m hoping the snow is done with Denver for a while!  Here are some fun things from around the web that have caught my eye this week:

I cannot wait to recreate this outfit.  Perfect for spring and summer!

Who else is excited for Daft Punk’s new album?  They released the first new single today (feat. Pharrel Williams).  You’re welcome for the weekend dance music :)

Also, check out this Rolling Stones interview with Pharrel and his dream to work with Daft Punk.  Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

I made these Chinese Lettuce Rolls for dinner this week and they were DELISH!  I did add a dollop of peanut nut butter to the sauce though.

Finally, if you are looking for a place to donate for those affected by the tragedy in Boston this week, The One Fund was created by Massachusetts’ Governor and Boston’s Mayor.



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