Lumberjack Chic

plaid on plaid!

Shirt: J.Crew // Jeans: AE // Scarf: Target // Lip Gloss: BareMinerals “Moody Berry” // Nail Polish: Essie “Wicked” // Shoes: gifted // Hat: Gap, old (similar)

So I had a new work outfit planned to shoot this weekend…but then it snowed.  I was going to man-up and brave the snowy weather to take pictures…and as I was cleaning off my car (which had about 6 inches of thick, wet snow on it)…I forgot that I had left my windshield wipers on and I windshield-wiped all the snow that was on my car front window on to my going-to-be-new-work-outfit-post.  WHOOPSIES!!!!

I decided to just go with a plan B and show you guys my new favorite snow-day outfit: plaid on plaid on lumberjack.  Plus, a knit hat with a faux-fur pom-pom.  It is currently my perfect outfit.  When I bought this shirt, the sizing ended up being a little large…but it gives the shirt a “borrowed from the boys” look.  The plaid scarf on plaid shirt was an experiment…which I’m totally into.  Sometimes the fashion risk pays off and I think this one did!

plaid on plaid!

Pile on the Plaid

plaid on plaid on plaid

Snow Day Plaid

Sunday Brunch


sweater: Loft (on sale!)/ Jeans: AE / Faux Fur Vest: Marshall’s (similar) / Nail Polish: Essie Ballet Slippers / Lip Gloss: Bare Minerals “Moody Berry”/ Boots: Nine West (old)/ purse: (old)

Well, y’all…I was out of commission all weekend due to being sick.  Blah!  But, I was coaxed out of my apartment on Sunday for the only thing that would get me out of bed…BRUNCH!  I am such a sucker for brunch.  It might be my most favorite meal (meals???) ever.  It was just what the doctor ordered after a weekend in bed.

So, I decided to try to make myself feel even better by dressing-up a little for brunch.  This Betsy Johnson faux fur vest has become a favorite piece of mine ever since I picked it up at Marshall’s this fall.  You can dress it down with jeans and a sweater or throw it on over a dress.  Plus, it was such a steal!  It is definitely my favorite piece I have added to my closet this year!




Winter Print Mixing

One of my favorite ways to print mix in the winter is by combining a tweed skirt with patterned tights.  It is an easy way to make your professional outfits a little more fun, all while keeping yourself warm!  I find it really hard to make outfits more interesting in the winter…maybe because my main focus is keeping warm and so all my creativity goes out the window???  I don’t know.  But, I tend to really struggle in the winter with breaking out of my black/white/grey/monochrome boringggggg professional clothes.

Winter Print Mixingone: tweed skirt/tights/shoes  // two: tweed skirt/tights/shoes

// three: check skirt/polka dot tights/shoes

Plus, once you have a couple pairs of print tights and a few patterned/tweed skirts, the mixing options are endless!  So, you will have many different ways to add interest to your winter wardrobe.  I think that’s called a win-win :)  I have picked out a few examples above that would be perfect for any office environment.  I really recommend trying out this outfit combo as I get compliments every time I do!!!

What’s your favorite way to break out of your boring winter clothes rut????

Please share as I am desperately trying to mix it up!

New Year, New Goals

what are your new year's goals

Happy 2015 everyone!  Hope it has been good to you so far!  I love to reflect this time of year on my goals for the next 12 months ahead of me.  I usually make goals for the different areas of my life: Career; Health & Wellness; Personal; Financial; and Other.

Save More:  This year, I want to focus on saving and opening an IRA.

Reduce My Anxiety and Stress:  I want to make time for meditation at least once a week.

Add More Color To My Wardrobe:  I want to try to get out of my all-black-everything rut.

More Morning Exercising:  It has been proven time and time again that getting your exercise in the morning helps you lose more weight and keep it off.  Plus, it helps you be much more alert and awake the entire day.

Read More:  I tend to watch a lot of tv after work but, I want to try to read for leisure more often.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

There is one goal that stays constant each and every year…and I think it is my favorite: Go Some Place I Have Never Been Before.  I cannot wait to see what this next year holds!  How about you?  Do you make New Year’s Goals???  What is the goal you are most anticipating?  Do tell!!!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!

5 Easy-Peasy Holiday Get-Together Ideas


Does anyone feel like this holiday season has been incredibly short?!  I feel like December has flown by even more so than usual.  If you’re like me, I have been trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with as many of my loved ones as possible. In order to manage a social life along with everything else, I follow the “Keep It Simple” rule.  So here are my five simple holiday get-together  ideas:

1.)  Gift Wrapping Party- This is one of my favorite ideas!  Now that your shopping is done, why not invite some friends over to all wrap presents together?  Ask them to bring their wrapping supplies from home as well and you’ll have lots of variety.  Turn on some music and wrap it out!

2.) Christmas Market- Here in Denver we have an outdoor German Christmas market and it is so fun to explore.  Why not grab your buddies or a date and head out to a local market or craft fair in your neck of the woods.  Bonus points if there are food vendors :)

3.) Cookie Decorating- Call your friends and ask them to bring over icing and sprinkles…then, you just have to take care of the dough (or use the pre-made Pilsburgh kind, I won’t tell).  Put down a $1 plastic table-cloth (that you can fold up and through away after) and get creative!  Then, you can either gift the cookies to co-workers or eat them yourself :)

4.)  Cocktails and Apps- Instead of stressing out over cooking a whole dinner, go to Trader Joe’s or the like and pick up a bunch of yummy apps!  Make one big batch of PUNCH and then sit back and enjoy your guests!

5) Feels Great To Donate- Give back this season by signing up with your friends at a local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or nursing home.  Or go shopping for a cause by picking a toy for Toys for Tots or canned goods for your local food bank.  This get-together will make you and your friends’ insides glow with the giving spirit!

What are your holiday get-together ideas?!